Yeshiva Mizrachi offers a variety of programmes catering to our diverse community


As we continue on our journey of growing our Yeshiva College Schools, the Yeshiva Mizrachi Community, the Beit Mordechai Campus Kollel and our ideological reach through Mizrachi SA, We are so excited to inform the community of the joint appointment of our new Shlichim, Rabbi Yehoshua and Malki Asulin and family who will be joining us in the upcoming weeks. Rabbi Asulin studied at Kerem Be’Yavneh Yeshiva and served in the IDF in the Golani Brigade. He obtained a Masters degree in Science and Halacha from Bar Ilan University. He continued his studies at Yeshiva Kollel for a further 3 years and then joined The Selwyn & Ros Smith and Family Manhigut Toranit Program for the Jewish World (run by Rabbi Podlashuk) in Eretz Hemda for 5 years where he completed his Rabbinical Smicha. In 2017 Rabbi Yehoshua and Malki went on Shlichut to Melbourne Australia where he was appointed the Rosh Kollel. Rabbi Yehoshua and Malki have 4 sons – Amichai (11), Shachar (8), Ori (7) and Tal (2). The Asulins will play an integral part in the Yeshiva College schools, the Yeshiva Mizrachi shul and the Beit Mordechai Campus Kollel. We have no doubt that they will help inspire and develop the community and wish them much success for their shlichut.


IGNITE Barmitzvah Programme

The IGNITE Barmitzvah programme is designed to provide boys with in-depth Torah knowledge, spiritual growth and religious Zionistic ideals as they embark on this exciting new chapter of their lives into adulthood. Weekly davening and activity programmes are run by madrachim who are role models for the boys in the community. 

Tikkun Olam

As part of Yeshiva Mizrachi’s holistic vision of Judaism, it is vital to us to make a difference in the lives of our fellow South African citizens. Blood drives are held with the SA National Blood Services at the Yeshiva Mizrachi Campus. Along with our support for the Impilo Orphanage for AIDS orphans, we hope we are making a big difference.

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