We have activities, events and services for children ages 3-12 years, that the children absolutely love!


Friday Night Children Service
9:15AM – 9:45AM

Shabbat Day

Supervised Play: 

9:15AM – 9:45AM

Childrens Service:

9:45AM – 11:00AM 

Yeshiva Mizrachi Youth

Children Service – the place where you want to be! 

The Yeshiva Mizrachi Youth wants to ensure that your children have a fun and meaningful Shabbat at Shul. They can come to our incredible and entertaining children services where we will daven, learn about the parsha and play lots of exciting games and at the end of children service you can win prizes and get a special treat. Our goal is to build children’s love for coming to shul and a love for their community. 

We have services for all ages around the campus: 

Ages 3-6 – In the grade 1 area with Michal Lew and Teegan Gottlieb 

Grade 1-3 girls – At the tuckshop with Liat Lew and Erin Gottlieb 

Grade 1-3 boys – In the grade 4 area with Yali Mindel, Michi Schwartz and Daniel Sack 

Grade 4-6 girls – At the tennis courts with Tali Blumenfeld and Ariella Scop 

Grade 4-6 boys – On the action soccer court with Doron Mindel and Benjy Eidelman 

We also have programmes that we run throughout the year such as Purim Bingo, Shavuot activities, making Sukkah decorations, Chanukiah making, Simchat Torah party. 

You don’t want to miss out